How to Raise Your Consciousness w/Jake Parsons

As beings choosing to operate at a higher frequency, we have the capacity to achieve anything as well as the potential to overcome any obstacles.

How can we manifest the realities we want?

What can we do to raise our consciousness now- and how should we react to those who haven’t awoken yet?

On this episode, fireman and Esoteric researcher and thought leader, Jake Parsons, shares how to raise our consciousness and operate at a higher frequency. 

You’ve got to grow spiritually to a certain level to be able to see over obstacles. -Jake Parsons

On this episode, we discussed how to grow spiritually to meet our full potential.

We also spoke about the importance of being neutral observers of our own lives, and mentioned why it’s important to stay empathetic towards those who aren’t. 

We also discussed:

  • The universal truth: we exist to give and receive love
  • How to explore past traumas with another being
  • Why we should be cautious of plant medicine if we haven’t addressed trauma

Three Takeaways:

To manifest the realities we want, we have to work on our spiritual growth.

If we grow spiritually and raise our consciousness, we will be able to look past any obstacles that may stand in our way. 

The best way to raise our consciousness is by addressing and integrating our past traumas; we have to explore the past to move forward. 

We only have control over ourselves, not anyone else.

It’s easy to feel frustrated when the people around us don’t share the same vibrations we do, but we’ve all been there. Be compassionate and understanding towards others.   

Guest Bio

Jake Parsons has been a fireman in Central Florida for over a decade.

In addition to being a true servant who dedicates his time to saving people, Jake is a master thought leader in the realm of the esoteric.   

Books mentioned on this episode: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

The Power of Akashic Reading, Unconditional Self-Love & Raising Our Vibration w/Teena Christel

Our lives and existences are all about raising our vibrations by integrating current and past life trauma.

Why is Akashic reading a big part of us becoming more resilient?

How do we deal with people whose energies don’t align with us?

What is behind the wide-scale sweeping change we’re seeing in society?

On this episode, Akashic Records Guide, Certified HeartMath Trainer Teena Christel shares on her journey and how we can deal with trauma.

We came here for experiences, particularly emotional ones, and it’s all about growing our souls.

-Teena Christel 

At the start of the show, Teena did a heart coherence exercise and shared how she got to where she is today.

She also discussed how the loss of her son inspired her new journey.

We also talked about how through trauma integration, we raise our vibration

the importance of loving and trusting ourselves, and the big energetic shift we’re on the cusp of. 

We also discussed:

  • Why death isn’t final 
  • How to become more centered 
  • Akashic records reading

Three Takeaways:

Resilience is like a strong deeply-rooted tree.

In a storm, it moves with the wind; it doesn’t break. 

Raising our vibration is about how we treat ourselves, and the thoughts we hold about ourselves, and that’s what helps us treat other people better.

When we have the vibration of inner love and inner acceptance, we draw in people that have that same vibration. 

We need to step away from relationships that aren’t serving us.

When people are not in the same vibrational space as us, we need to step away from them to protect ourselves.

The best we can do is send them the highest and best energy.

Guest Bio

Teena is an Akashic Records Guide, Certified HeartMath Trainer, working with Reiki Energy, Tuning Forks, Crystal bowls and Essences.

Losing her 23 year old son six years ago helped pave the way for Teena’s own unique healing journey that brought with it a sensitivity to subtle energies.

For more information, and to work with Teena, visit https://heartsoulconvergence.com/, https://maureenstgermain.com/ or send an email to teena@healingheartist.com

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Teena Christel here.


What is Really Going on in the World Right Now – Jay Campbell interviews Magenta Pixie


This week I am joined by Magenta Pixie, the incredibly talented author behind “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”, “Masters of the Matrix” and several other highly insightful books on truth and awareness aka WHAT IS.

Magenta does incredible work channeling a higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as ‘The White Winged Collective Consciousness of the Nine’. 

Today’s Friday bonus podcast is for those seeking to understand the overarching impact of this planetary lockdown as interpreted in this eye opening conversation with Magenta. 

The sudden impact of Covid-19 has brought many questions to mind.

  • What the hell is going on on Planet Earth right now?
  • The Ascensional Timeline vs the End of Days Timeline?
  • How can this happen without the dismantling of the 3D World and Systems ( meaning physical upheaval, civil unrest, martial law, ww3 etc?
  • What can we do to prepare for a totally changed future reality?
  • Is the Ascension still happening and is our Doppelganger DNA still restructuring?

There are a multitude of different ways to interpret what is happening.

We always want to look at the potential, most probable future, which in this case, is a beautiful Ascensional-Paradise timeline.

One where we are freed from oppression and moving towards a higher vibration Golden Age.

However, this does not come free of conditions. 

We are in the middle of a timeline war, and the universe is playing out all of the possible quantum choices. 

The combined consciousness of the individuals on the planet, along with the planet herself, create these quantum versions of reality. 

Think of it as The Law of Attraction aka the Law of Resonance globally manifested.

There are groups of individuals, both human and non human, that are working to manifest the timeline that they want (Ascensional Timeline (Positive for Humanity) vs the End of Days/NWO Timeline (Negative for Humanity)

As the starseeds, lightworkers and wanderers here on Earth maintain control of the global law of attraction (as they have since about 2012) the dark energy forces are working to hijack the beautiful ascension timeline that we are on in order to manifest a darker, New World Order where vaccinations are forced and people are ID chipped.

There are many different extraterrestrial beings that evolve from a particular DNA structure. 

Humans have evolved from hominid species, others have evolved from feline, avian, reptilian or others.

There are certain individuals, many of them of reptilian DNA nature (Reptilians as many know them), who have evolved along a different evolutionary path and developed elevated predatory energy. 

These Dark Energy Beings give orders to a lower vibration human hierarchy, and according to the divine channel of Magenta Pixie (The Nine), their black box shadow matrix core technology has been dismantled in the last 1-2 years.

These individuals being ordered by the Dark Energy Beings (Reptilian types among others) are  involved in politics, Hollywood, Main Stream News, Science and Education. 

They make up what is known as the Deep State aka The CABAL.

These dark human individuals answer to groups above them, and they in turn answer to other groups above them.

Everything is highly compartmentalized. 

Some of the highest levels of these select individuals then do communicate with the Dark Energy Beings (usually inter-dimensionally or via off world locations). 

These Dark Energy Beings are many shapes and forms. (ET’s, Reptilians, AI etc)

Most of the low level cabal members are not aware of how any of this compartmentalized communication is done. 

They have been blackmailed, indoctrinated and brainwashed since birth. 

Many have alter egos that are turned off at night so they don’t recall what they do by day(Clockwork Oranging). 

They are psychologically programmed through MK Ultra experimental technology and methods.

As of now, the Dark Energy beings and their inverted shadow matrix control structure has been destroyed. 

They are not able to psychologically control anyone as previously. 

Their shutdown of the global economy and attacking with the bioweapon Covid-19 is a desperate, last minute act. 

Even though this is a desperate act and their time is running out, we cannot just dismiss their power.

We have to recognize and respect what they are (as an “opponent” of sorts) for their thousands of years of oppression of humanity.

We are now in what many would understand as, the collective Dark Night of The Soul. 

In order to manifest a positive timeline, we have to adjust our minds to think that “we’ve won”. 

We do this from placing our consciousness in the 5th dimensional location of NOW. 

This means when we emerge from this lockdown we will emerge into a new reality of our own creation. 

We have to decide collectively what we truly want.

Do we want to move into a reality where we have individual freedom and liberty?(A resonant and coherent vibration)

Or do we want to swap one matrix simulated program for another – another simulation of an NWO where the Dark Energy Beings and their inverted shadow control structure still holds power? (Dissonance and Incoherent vibration)

If we raise our vibration to one of love, then the dark energy manifestation cannot influence the timeline anymore. 

COLLECTIVELY moving to a vibrational timeline of unconditional love where our latent DNA will further evolve into its original crystalline version allowing us to create a new Golden Age.

I hope you found this conversation helpful.

If you did not and it doesn’t resonate with you at all, that’s perfectly fine too.

If you are not familiar with Magenta Pixie’s work, I highly recommend you check out all of her books on Amazon and also her Youtube channel.

How to Fight the Spiritual Battle Against Human Life w/Dr. Jim Meehan

Behind the health deficiencies, chemical disruptions and hormonal imbalances that we’re seeing in our society, is a nefarious, evil and demonic force that’s out to destroy human life.

We are waged in a spiritual warfare against these forces.

What are the activities of these forces in the healthcare system?

How do we become empowered and conscious?

Why are vaccinations evil?

On this episode, esteemed optimization physician Dr. Jim Meehan joins us to share the real reason behind the assault on human life and health.

There’s a real problem both in the science spiritual aspect of vaccinating children with live virus vaccines. When man tries to play God, we do the work of the enemy. -Dr. Jim Meehan

At the start of the show, Dr. Jim shared how he got to where he is now, and his own health journey and transformation.

Next, we talked about how we’re in a holy war, and the behavioral and societal signs of this spiritual battle.

We talked about the rights parents in California have if they haven’t vaccinated their children, the war on masculinity and the importance of health optimization and becoming a scientist of your own health.

We also discussed:

  • How Dr. Jim escaped the indoctrination of sick care
  • What’s driving the addiction to porn, junk food, and pharmaceuticals
  • How vaccination injuries are hurting children and families

Three Takeaways:

The problem with doctors today is that they are getting their science from pharmaceutical reps, not what they are actually seeing in their patients.

One of the biggest problems with vaccinations is that they were only tested on a few patients and for a very short time, so there isn’t enough information to know just how harmful they are.

The spiritual warfare we’re facing is aiming to turn us into weak-minded, weak-bodied, inward-looking consumers who have no soul, no spiritual connections, addicted to drugs, GMO food, and cheap sources of dopamine like porn and video games.

Guest Bio

Dr. Meehan has advanced training in ophthalmology, medical informatics, functional medicine, interventional endocrinology, and nutrition.

He is an expert in pain management, addiction medicine, diagnostic laboratory services, toxicology, pharmacogenetics, and the business of medicine.

He created the Meehan Protocol(TM) for male hormone replacement and invented the MINDSET(TM) Wellness Operating System.

Go to meehanmd.com for more information.

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Dr. Jim Meehan here.

Effective Hormone Balancing for Female Patients with Maryann Simpson

Women are just as much in need of hormone optimization, and they’re practitioners who actually know what they are doing.

Who is a good candidate for hormone optimization?

What are the best protocols for optimizing women’s hormones?

How do we ensure that optimization is something we can implement?

On this episode, I’m joined by Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, Maryann Simpson, who shares how she helps her female patients lead healthier lives.

You’re epigenetically influencing your DNA. Your cells need to have the energy of purpose to replicate in a healthy way. -Maryann Simpson

At the start of the show, Maryann shared how she got to where she is today, and her own health journey and experience.

Next, we talked about what endocrine disruption is doing to women, how Maryann optimizes women’s hormones and the two different types of optimization.

We also discussed the six key factors in optimization.

We also discussed:

  • The machine behind the deliberate manipulation of our DNA
  • The difference between synthetic hormones and bioidentical
  • What women can do right now to improve their health

Three Takeaways

The long-term problems caused by the use of birth control pills include killing women’s feminine power by suppressing their ovarian function and exacerbating endocrine disruption.

Over 90 percent of women who are above 30 are estrogen dominant, while being testosterone and progesterone deficient, which increases their cancer risk.

Pellets don’t work for women because they are expensive, unethical and won’t have lasting results.

Guest Bio

Maryann is an independent Nurse Practitioner, Bioidentical Hormone Specialist and HCG Weightloss Specialist.

Maryann’s patients have been able to make positive shifts in their lives, and she has guided many men and women through the process of hormone balancing.

She also likes to implement diet, detox and nutritional supplementation into her individualized protocols.

For more information, visit https://embodywellness.com/ and send an email to maryann@embodywellness.com.

Changing the Paradigm Shift of Hormone Optimization – Part 2 – The Tier 1 Mission w/Dr Keith Nichols & Dr Scott Howell with Dr Keith Nichols & Dr Scott Howell

There are many hurdles and roadblocks getting in the way of quality optimization reaching the patients who need it.

How is a lack of physician awareness contributing to this issue?

What are the mechanisms that interfere with androgen metabolism and distribution in the body?

On Part 2 of this episode, Dr. Keith Nichols and Dr. Scott Howell from Tier 1 Health and Wellness continue on the work they are doing to redefine testosterone optimization and how it benefits patients.

If you’re not raising your testosterone levels to exert a response you won’t get a response. -Dr. Scott Howell

In part 2 of the episode, Dr. Keith Nichols shared on the three key metrics that determine the success of testosterone optimization.

We also talked about the importance of focusing on a full picture of wellness when it comes to dealing with testosterone optimization.

We also discussed:

  • Why misinformation and misrepresentation of credentials is so bad for optimization
  • The importance of physicians integrating evidence into their practice
  • Why optimization patients need to have realistic expectations

Three Takeaways

Men focus on the wrong information when it comes to testosterone.

They tend to put all their focus on their appearance and libido, and miss all the other points.

There’s no such thing as 'high estrogen symptoms', or 'estrogen dominance', there’s only insulin resistance caused by inflammation (and vice versa).

The 3 critical steps of hormone optimization are:

  1. getting the hormone in a sufficient amount to exert a response
  2. giving it time(patience is critical)
  3. noticeable improvement in symptoms in relation to the hormone’s deficiency.

Guest Bio-

John Keith Nichols, M.D. is the Medical Director and CEO of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, the premier preventive medicine clinic in the Southeast.

Scott Howell, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, Center for Clinical Research.

He is an epidemiologist, exercise physiologist and mechanical engineer with research interests in the long-term safety of therapeutic androgen use, endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure, and preventative medicine.

For more information, visit https://tier1hw.com/.

Changing the Paradigm Shift of Hormone Optimization – Part 1 with Dr Keith Nichols & Dr Scott Howell

There are many hurdles and roadblocks getting in the way of quality optimization reaching the patients who need it.

How is a lack of physician awareness contributing to this issue?

What are the mechanisms that interfere with androgen metabolism and distribution in the body?

On this episode, Dr. Keith Nichols and Dr. Scott Howell from Tier 1 Health and Wellness, share on the work they are doing to redefine testosterone optimization and how it benefits patients.

We focus on optimization, and we want individuals to have a health based paradigm, not a chemical-based living paradigm. -Dr. Scott Howell

At the start of the show, Keith and Scott shared a background on how they got started in the optimization space, and reasons for the lack of physician awareness when it comes to hormone optimization.

Next, we discussed the importance of statistical literacy in physicians and why we need to stop being a lab-centric society.

We also discussed:

  • Why misinformation and misrepresentation of credentials is so bad for optimization
  • The importance of physicians integrating evidence into their practice
  • Why optimization patients need to have realistic expectations at the start of therapy

Three Takeaways

When it comes to testosterone optimization, you have to outcompete the receptors.

There’s no limiting dose of testosterone to get a man to feel better.

What Tier 1 defines as optimal:

  • Feel your best
  • Function your best
  • Perform your best
  • At Your Healthiest

30-40% of physicians don’t have statistical literacy, which is a huge problem.

The principles of harm reduction: education, guidance, genetic testing, risk mapping and auxiliary drugs.

Guest Bio-

John Keith Nichols, M.D. is the Medical Director and CEO of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, the premier preventive medicine clinic in the Southeast.

Scott Howell, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, Center for Clinical Research.

He is an epidemiologist, exercise physiologist and mechanical engineer with research interests in the long-term safety of therapeutic androgen use, endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure, and preventative medicine.

For more information, visit https://tier1hw.com/.

The Path of High Enlightenment & Multidimensional Existence w/Wade Lightheart

Physical optimization makes a bigger impact when it moves along with spiritual optimization.

How does dealing with a less than optimal microbiome, and experiencing digestive stress impact our overall optimization?

Where is humanity in the spiritual enlightenment journey?

What were the most transformative experiences in our guest’s life that changed his spiritual trajectory?

On this episode, I’m honored to be joined by author, speaker and digestive health specialist, Wade Lightheart, who shares his journey and all the facets of optimization that matter to him.

If you have a spiritual practice or doctrine, and a way to follow, it gives you a context and perspective and a way out of the suffering. -Wade Lightheart

At the start, Wade shared how he got to where he is today, and the life experiences that shaped him.

Next, we talked about the emerging and frightening trend of digestive health related issues so many Americans are facing.

We also talked about how society is moving into a new world and why technology is paving the way.

We also discussed:

  • What it takes to have a fulfilling life
  • The link between a healthy diet and metabolic flexibility
  • The moment that transformed Wade’s life spiritually

Three Takeaways

You cannot maintain metabolic flexibility if you have dysbiosis and an inflammatory gut.

If you don’t take extreme and drastic measures to eat clean, your health will be incarcerated.

If you consume food that does not get digested properly, it becomes food for the bad bacteria lining your digestive tract(microbiome), which is why you wake up with brain fog, crusty eyes or low energy.

We’re on the precipice of a massive vibrational revolution.

We are multidimensional beings but we’re forced to look at things in a linear way.

Guest Bio-

Wade is an author, speaker and the CoFounder and Director of Education at BiOptimizers, a digestive health company. He is the host of The Awesome Health podcast and also serves as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Few alive have traveled farther or crusaded harder on behalf of helping individuals transform their digestive health, wellness and overall lives than Wade T. Lightheart.

After competing in Mr. Universe and his health failing him following a competition victory, Wade began to search for answers. In the process, he learned so much about what makes digestion work, along with other principles that form what he calls the AWESOME health system. Wade is a 3-Time Canadian All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as vegetarian, former Mr. Universe Competitor.

Visit https://bioptimizers.com/ for more information and to get access to a discount.

Books Mentioned

Bringers of Now

Many Lives, Many Masters

Power vs. Force

How to Manifest a Level 10 Life w/ Dr. Michael Moeller

Living a fully optimized life has many facets and layers to it: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How does working with the right doctor impact our quality of life?

Why are religion and spirituality on different planes?

How do we find the true purpose and meaning of our existence?

On this episode, naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michael Moeller shares on his spiritual and optimization path, and some of the things that are hindering our growth.

When you don’t like who you are as a person, that designs the way you view the world. -Dr. Michael

At the start of the show, Dr. Michael Moeller shared why nature is the original medicine, and how the physical body is a reflection of the internal.

Next, we talked about why a garden variety doctor won’t have the expertise and knowledge of personal health, and how Big Pharma has taken the careers of many doctors hostage.

We also talked about vibration, spirituality and the importance of experiencing the joy of now.

We also discussed:

  • How to achieve lasting personal health
  • Recognition of and allowance for the imperfect
  • The difference between consuming and creating

Three Takeaways

There’s a difference between healing and pushing medication and symptom chasing. If a doctor doesn’t have the right philosophy, and they aren’t doing it for the right reasons, they are going to cut corners.

When you lose your fear, you’re no longer hindered by lack or limitation.

There are two states, consuming and creating. When we just consume, we don’t create and that means we don’t bring any value to the world

Guest Bio-

Dr. Michael Moeller is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in men's health and hormones. He received his bachelors in pre-medical sciences from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2013 and his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University California in 2017. The majority of Dr. Moeller's practice includes Testosterone Optimization Therapy, Intervenous Nutrient Therapy, Speciality Lab Testing, and Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolo & PRP). When not in the office you can find him in the gym, in nature hiking, or podcasting on his podcast called "The Michael Moeller Mentality."

For more information visit https://www.drmichaelmoeller.com/ or email michealmoellermd@gmail.com.

Book Mentioned

The Call of the Heart by Zinovia Dushkova.

The Importance of Spinal Health & The Wholeness of the Human Structure w/ Dr. Olman Mata

Chiropractic is a growing field that has been instrumental in the healing of so many people, and my guest has played a huge role in it.

Why have doctors been so resistant to this field of study?

What is the difference between straight chiropractic and mixer chiropractic?

How does chiropractic help people achieve healthier bodies?

On this episode, “Chiropractor to the Stars” Dr. Olman Mata, shares his work and how chiropractic is transforming health as we know it.

We adjust the spine, restore the nerve impulse and allow the body to heal itself through adjustments and nothing else. -Dr. Olman Mata

At the start of the show, Dr. Mata shared how he got to where he is today, and how an injury and car accident led him down the path of becoming a chiropractor.

Next, we talked about how he got a product he invented mentioned by Oprah, and what it takes to be a healer.

Next we talked about why so many people don’t experience chiropractic, and how celebrities have helped to change that.

We also discussed the two schools of thought in chiropractic.

We also discussed:

  • Why traditional medicine is afraid of chiropractic
  • Where humanity is headed in this new decade
  • If people going to merge with technology even more than nowAt the start of the show, Pierre shared on how he got started in his field of study and discussed the two factions of angels.

Three Takeaways

Traditional doctors don’t know much about chiropractic. In the past, they wanted to hold onto the insurance dollars of patients and didn’t want to be competing with other practitioners, like chiropractors.

A true healer understands how to assess the body, human structure and skeletal alignment to help restore its wholeness.

Most insurance plans don’t cover chiropractic, and that’s why so many people don’t go to chiropractors and get adjustments.

Guest Bio-

Dr. Olman Mata is an author, speaker, inventor, and is recognized as “The Chiropractor To The Stars.”

He is the founder of Covina Chiropractic. His other company, On Production Chiropractic, provides Chiropractic care to the cast and crew of television and motion picture productions.

Visit http://stagedoc.com for more information.