Optimize Your Hormones and Long Term Health With International Best Selling Author and Fitness Expert Jay Campbell


Having access to an industry leader like Jay and his fine work with the TOT bible has turned my life 180 degrees. I feel alive, awake and ready to take on the world every day. My strength has never been higher, my recovery is second to none, I sleep like a rock and my metabolism is humming!

I’ve gained 17 lbs of scale weight and not only do I look like a different person, coming from someone who used to fear weight gain (as I was 250lbs obese when I was 18) – I finally don’t fear it anymore – my mindset has totally shifted. Thank you Jay Campbell!

Love you brother!
Kenny W.

“I started following and working with Jay after seeing him discuss his books on twitter, and picked up the TOT Bible. I was blown away at his depth of knowledge and level of detail, supported by study after study. After seeing the level of material Jay was putting out, I also picked up “Metabolic Blow Torch Diet”, and it was at the same level, mind blowing info.

I could go to a hundred doctors or trainers and not get the same level of knowledge. Jay has given me a huge jump start for cleaning up my lifestyle, and getting my testosterone optimization dialed in!

Rich P.

Working with Jay has been a game changer for me.

Although I have been involved with the world of health and fitness for 12+ years, I still consider myself a humble student in this realm and Jay’s book reinforced this belief. Prior to implementing Jay’s dietary advice, I would diet by doing one “cut” per year. I attained great results doing this but this was unsustainable. I would essentially look great in the summer and then bloated in the Fall/Winter.

Now, my weight is consistent year round and my face looks much better (and younger)!

Chris A.

Optimize Your Aging Process

Training – Gain functional strength and improved muscle growth with a precise training program designed specifically for you and your lifestyle

Nutrition & Supplementation – Learn how proper nutrition will maximize your health, improve your body composition and minimize the effects of age. Know which medications are essential to reduce your risk of disease.

Physique Augmentation – Lose body fat and gain muscle mass with precision programs that produce visible results immediately. You will learn how to become Metabolically Flexible relative to your unique lifestyle

Mindset – Master the secrets of a heart focused mindset-allowing you to tap inner strengths you have yet to awaken.

Master Your Hormones, Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle

In Your 30 Minute Introductory Call We’ll Discuss:

  • Blood Work
  • Optimizing Your Hormones the Right Way
  • Fitness (Resistance Training & Cardio)
  • Nutrition
  • Medications & Supplements
  • Mindset