The Harm of Aromatase Inhibition aka Blocking Estrogen w/Dr. Scott Howell

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Scott Howell, Ph.D here. It has been well-researched and even well-documented that the inhibition of estrogen is detrimental and even dangerous to men’s health.  The problem is, we still have many people using and just as many doctors prescribing aromatase inhibitor medications.  The majority of information […]


How to Use Peptides to Boost Immunity, Heal, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Increase IQ & Slow Aging

https://youtu.be/fMm8UBEDaG0 In this phenomenal Podcast on using Therapeutic Peptides, Ben Greenfield, Jay Campbell, Ryan Smith and Nick Andrews drilled deep on how Peptides are revolutionizing Medicine. We discussed the most effective peptides in circulation for optimizing: _Immunity _Healing _Fat Loss _Strength/Muscle/Vitality _Longevity _Cognition As we enter a current and post Covid-19 world, building para immunity […]

How to Raise Your Consciousness w/Jake Parsons

As beings choosing to operate at a higher frequency, we have the capacity to achieve anything as well as the potential to overcome any obstacles. How can we manifest the realities we want? What can we do to raise our consciousness now- and how should we react to those who haven’t awoken yet? On this […]

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