Anabolic steroids get a really bad rep.

The mainstream media vilifies them because of bodybuilders using supraphysiological doses.

What are the benefits of anabolics when they are taken in therapeutic doses?

What disruption do you create when you use supraphysiological doses of steroids and withdraw from them?

On this episode, author, expert and scientific advisor, Dr. George Touliatos is back to talk about anabolic steroid misconceptions, optimization and bodybuilding.

In order to use anabolics to get jacked, run faster, or jump longer, you need supraphysiological doses— but they have side effects.

Dr. George Touliatos

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At the start of the show, Dr. George shared how he got started, and the truth about anabolic steroids that we don’t hear in the media.

Next we talked about the side effects of anabolic steroids and who is more likely to experience them.

Dr. George also shared on his own experience with anabolics and why health is not a priority for a lot of professional bodybuilders.

We also discussed:

  • The physical and mental effects of steroid addiction
  • Misconceptions about “roid rage”
  • The lack of optimization doctors in Europe

Anabolic steroids have a bad name in the media and in most people’s minds, but this view is based on the side effects of people who take supraphysiological doses.

Physiological doses have benefits, but they do not have the performance enhancing and cosmetic results that are so vilified.

There’s also the view of steroid users as super aggressive and angry, but that’s not how everyone reacts.

The side effects and negative reactions have a lot more to do with the individual and the lifestyle they lead.

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